A downloadable game

Play as a Faceless Shadow ninja trying to escape an evil corporations, military base. Armed with nothing but you mighty Gravity Knuckles, Jump, Dodge and Deflect enemy attacks and try to make it to the end.


Movement - W, A, S, D

Gravity Knuckles - Shift

Aim Gravity Knuckles - Up, Down, Left, Right

Creators: Team Beard

Members: Luke Wilmot, Daniel Koitka, Shane Martin, Ashe Stevens

Due to lack of time there is no animation for the Gravity Knuckles when they are used and only plays a sound and propels the player and any projectiles close enough. There is also only one level

Install instructions

1. Download Faceless Shadow.zip

2. Extract Faceless Shadow.zip

3. Press Faceless Shadow.exe

4. Enjoy


Faceless Shadow.zip 24 MB