A downloadable game

This was a game made in the Make-A-Thing 2017, 40 hour, game jam. This game was designed around three core words that were given to us, which were:




With this we created a top down, arcade shooter (in a similar vein as Nuclear Throne) were you play as a guard on the Vermillion Border, which is border between your lip and flesh. Your tasked with holding the border by protecting the walls of the border from waves of bacteria, the only way you know how, with violence.

Core Features:

- Hand Made Pixel Art

- Satisfying Gun Play and Multiple Weapons

- Gross and Satisfying Sound Effects

- Wave Based Levels with Multiple Enemy Types

Team Members:


Harry O Connor - UI, Sound, Level Design, everything else except art

Dineth Dissanayake - All Art Assets


Luke Wilmot - Character Controller (Movement, Combat), Pickups, Shaders

Liam Harvey - AI, Everything else

How to Play:

W,A,S,D - Move

Mouse - Aim

Left Click - Shoot

Right Click - Get up

Install instructions

How to Install:

1. Download Zip

2. Extract Zip

3. Press the Exe file

4. Enjoy


GuardOnVermillionBorder.zip 24 MB