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Have you and your friends ever wondered who would win a fight with cybernetic dinosaurs and laser cannons? Well this is the game for you.

Cybersaurs is a 2v2, team-based, arcade shooter where each team controls a major part of the Cybersaur. The Driver controls the movement and where the Cybersaur will go and the gunner controls the massive laser cannon on its back. You must work together to run, dodge and shoot your way around a falling asteroid and destroy the other team with sick trick shots as the bullets can bounce around the place and off rocks, walls and other surfaces. Be careful no to hit yourself or you friend ship might be over.

Games last 3 minutes and its best out of 3. Good luck

P.S. The game does require four Xbox controllers in order to work properly

Install instructions

1. Download the CybersaursBuild.zip Folder

2. Extract the CybersaursFinalBuild.xip Folder

3. Open Extracted Folder

4. Open Ether CybersaursFinalBuild or CybersaursFinalBuildNoStartBlock (This one is used for people how just want too see the game and don't have 4 controllers)

5. Click on the Cybersaurs.exe



CybersuarsBuild.zip 38 MB

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